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Complete Fire Protection Solutions for the Aviation Industry

Designed to handle the complex needs of airports, airlines, and manufacturers, ANSUL® fire protection technology helps maintain safe and efficient operations all along the journey.

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Safeguard airports and protect personnel and passengers with ANSUL fire suppression technology
Protect Personnel, Passengers and Property
Without proper fire protection in place, mishandling highly flammable fuels may lead to safety hazards and costly disruptions. ANSUL fire suppression technology employs thoughtfully designed auto-detection systems and effective firefighting equipment to better safeguard airports, helipads, hangars, runways, engine testing facilities, and more.
Avoid any fire related risks in Airports with ANSUL fire detection
Primary Hazards
Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting
Aircraft Hangars
Control Rooms
Cooking Equipment
Data Centers/Computer Operations
Flammable Liquid Storage
Heliports and Helidecks
Loading Racks
Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
Warehouse/Cargo Space
Foam Concentrates & Hardware products for the Aviation industry from ANSUL
ANSUL Products
Foam Concentrates & Hardware
Detection & Control Systems
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Industrial Systems
Portable Extinguishers
Vehicle Systems

San Francisco International Airport extends life of largest hangar with fire suppression system upgrade.

At 276,000 ft², the SFO SuperBay hangar is an immense building that can house four 747 aircraft at one time. The foam system solution from Johnson Controls engineered to protect this immense space incorporated non-fluorinated JET-X 2% High-Expansion foam concentrate, JET-X Model 27 High-Expansion generators, and ANSUL 400-gallon pre-piped horizontal bladder tanks fitted with in-line proportioners.
Case Studies 

Safeguarding San Francisco International Airport

Built to last in the late 1960s, SFO’s massive SuperBay hangar can house four 747 aircraft at the same time but relied on outdated technology to keep people and planes safe. ANSUL fire suppression technology solutions combined efficiency and water economy with powerful performance to modernize.

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