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Protecting Culturally Significant Properties

ANSUL® solutions provide specialty fire suppression technology to help safeguard museums, archival storage areas, landmarks, and other environments protecting irreplaceable cultural assets. It's the smart way to protect people and property.

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Safeguard museums and irreplaceable cultural assets with ANSUL specialty fire suppression technology
Protecting Priceless Cultural Treasures
Trust ANSUL fire suppression systems to tackle the toughest fires, in combination with ANSUL clean agent technology that limits residual damage and helps reduce the impact to everything that matters most to your business. We know that cultural institutions protect invaluable assets for today's generations and for the future.
Avoid any fire related risks in archival displays and storage units with ANSUL specialty fire suppression technology
Primary Hazards
Document/Archival Display
Document/Archival Storage
A wide range of gaseous fire suppression and portable extinguishers to protect priceless cutlural treasures
ANSUL Products
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Detection & Control Systems
Portable Extinguishers
Case Studies

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

ANSUL fire suppression systems protect Lincoln’s rare documents and historic archives from the risk of fire, allowing generations of scholars, museum visitors, and children to safely appreciate the beloved president’s life and legacy.

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Case Studies

Ivy League Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Millions of rare books and manuscripts, from Benjamin Franklin to Charles Dickens and the Gutenberg Bible, are protected with a sensitive, environmentally friendly ANSUL fire suppression system to ensure safe, enduring access for students, professors, and scholars.

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