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Supporting the Mining Industry with ANSUL® Solutions

Get dependable, fast-acting fire suppression solutions to safeguard people and protect mining operations around the globe — even in the harshest conditions.

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Protect your mining operations with fast-acting fire solutions from ANSUL
Supporting Mining Operations
Fires represent one of the greatest safety threats to mines. That's why ANSUL fire suppression solutions help keep crews safe, equipment secure, and vital mines operating to ensure ongoing supply of the world’s critical raw materials.
Avoid any fire related safety threats to mines with ANSUL fire suppression solutions
Primary Hazards
Off-Road Mobile Equipment
Control Rooms
Electrical Areas
Flammable Liquid/Chemical Storage
Generator Rooms
Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
ANSUL offers a wide range of fire suppression solutions designed to serve the Mining industry
ANSUL Products
Vehicle Systems
Portable Extinguishers
Foam Concentrates & Hardware
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Spill Control Products
Detection & Control Systems

ANSUL NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent Demonstration

In a stand-alone system, ANSUL LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent prevents reflash by quickly knocking down flames, blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen, all without the addition of a dry chemical agent.
Case Studies

Protecting Sensitive Electrical Phosphate Rock Mining Equipment from Fire

A vast open-pit mining operation in North Carolina, part of one of the world’s largest fertilizer enterprises, protects workers, the environment, and technologically complex electric mining shovels using ANSUL systems.

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