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Serving the Military in Fire Protection and Preparedness

ANSUL® solutions offer a full-range of fast-acting, high-performance fire extinguishing systems to help ensure mission readiness.

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ANSUL provides a full-range of fast-acting, high performance fire extinguishing systems at military installations
Protecting the World's Protectors
From operational bases to aircraft carriers, ANSUL fire protection solutions provide quick and effective fire suppression for site-specific special hazards at military installations around the world.
Avoid any fire related risks in military electrical areas and generator rooms with ANSUL fire protection systems
Primary Hazards
Cargo Spaces
Control Rooms
Cooking Equipment/Kitchens
Electrical Areas
Flammable Liquids/Chemical Storage
Generator Rooms
Heliports and Helidecks
Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
Naval Vessels
Military Vehicles
Pump Rooms
ANSUL offers a wide range of Foam Concentrates & Hardware designed to serve the Military in fire protection
ANSUL Products
Foam Concentrates & Hardware
Portable Extinguishers
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Industrial Systems
Restaurant Systems
Vehicle Systems
Detection & Control Systems

San Francisco International Airport extends life of largest hangar with fire suppression system upgrade.

At 276,000 ft², the SFO SuperBay hangar is an immense building that can house four 747 aircraft at one time. The foam system solution from Johnson Controls engineered to protect this immense space incorporated non-fluorinated JET-X 2% High-Expansion foam concentrate, JET-X Model 27 High-Expansion generators, and ANSUL 400-gallon pre-piped horizontal bladder tanks fitted with in-line proportioners.

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