Helping Protect the Metal Processing Industry

For high-risk fire areas in metal processing facilities, ANSUL® fire protection systems provide effective fire detection and quick-response suppression for heavy-duty, mobile equipment.

  • Industry Overview
  • Primary Hazards
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Protect your high-risk fire areas in metal processing facilities with ANSUL fire protection systems
Get Fast, Reliable Fire Protection
Manual and automated ANSUL firefighting equipment helps to safeguard personnel and property at sensitive metal processing sites.
Avoid any fire related risks in Metal processing with ANSUL fire protection systems
Primary Hazards
Bulk Storage
Control Rooms
Electrical Areas
Flammable Liquid/Chemical Storage
Generator Rooms
Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
Machining Centers
Metallurgical Smelting (SLAG Processing)
Non-Road Mobile Equipment
Paint Spray Booths and Mixing Areas
Warehouse and Warehouse Areas
ANSUL offers a wide range of manual and automated firefighting equipment designed for metal processing sites
ANSUL Products
Portable Extinguishers
Detection & Control Systems
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Vehicle Systems

ANSUL NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent Demonstration

In a stand-alone system, ANSUL LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent prevents reflash by quickly knocking down flames, blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen, all without the addition of a dry chemical agent.

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