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Supporting the Healthcare Industry with ANSUL® Solutions

Hospitals and medical centers are trusted by families to treat and care for their loved ones. We have years of experience working with the healthcare industry to provide complete, comprehensive fire protection to patients and healthcare workers alike.

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ANSUL fire detection and suppression technology for Healthcare Industry
Supporting the Healthcare Industry with Proven Solutions
To best serve the community, healthcare facilities must safeguard patient rooms, cafeterias, generators, laboratories, diagnostic rooms, and even helipads. That's why healthcare facilities trust ANSUL fire detection and suppression technology to protect what matters most.
Portable fire suppression extinguishers for Medical Diagnostic Rooms from  ANSUL
Primary Hazards
Cooking Equipment/Kitchens
Data Centers/Computer Operations
Document and Archive Storage Areas
Electrical Areas
Electrical Equipment
Flammable Liquid/Chemical Storage
Generator Rooms
Heliports and Helidecks
Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
Medical Diagnostic Rooms
Portable Fire Extinguishers from ANSUL
ANSUL Products
Gaseous Fire Suppression
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Spill Control Products
Detection & Control Systems
Restaurant Systems

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