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Combat fires from flammable waste materials with dependable ANSUL fire detection and suppression solutions, designed for waste management facilities and equipment operators. 

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Combat fires from flammable waster materials with ANSUL fire detection and suppression solutions
Investing in What Matters
Fires can grow quickly, especially when fed by highly flammable materials. ANSUL vehicle systems and highly-portable fire suppression equipment helps waste and recycling businesses protect workers, mobile equipment, and sensitive infrastructures.
Avoid any fire related risks in waste management facilities with ANSUL fire suppression solutions
Primary Hazards
Non-Road Mobile Equipment
Road Vehicles
Flammable Liquid/Chemical Storage
ANSUL offers a wide range of non-road mobile equipment and road vehicles designed for Waste Management facilities
ANSUL Products
Vehicle Systems
Portable Extinguishers
Foam Concentrates and Hardware

ANSUL NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Agent Demonstration

In a stand-alone system, ANSUL LVS NF-40 Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent prevents reflash by quickly knocking down flames, blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen, all without the addition of a dry chemical agent.

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